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Best Halloween Pick Up Lines – Cast Your Vote!

Halloween Hottie

I’d like to try out some Halloween pick up lines in downtown Austin on 6th St.  Cast your vote for the best lines, ‘best’ meaning the most slap-worthy.  Comment with one of your own!

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#2 Reason Why They Didn’t Write Back

Why they didn't message you back Header

You Sent Your Message at the Wrong Time 

Ladies, send your first messages on Thursdays between 4pm and 8pm.  Guys don’t plan.  Guys don’t know day tomorrow is.  Guys don’t even buy green bananas.  Guys work, sleep, and play GTA5 until Thursday when they remember they have a dick, and they’d like to get it wet this weekend.   Or at the very least know that there’s the slightest possibility it could get wet, that’s enough for a guy. If you message him on a Thursday or Friday before 3pm, you just became the most exciting thing in town.  If you message after 3pm on a Friday, he could interpret it as a booty call.

Guys, send your messages on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Women like to have their weekends planned by Tuesday or Wednesday so that by the time Thursday rolls around they aren’t worried that their social life is over and nobody loves them.  Ladies work hard early on in the week and giving them some sweet attention on a Monday will help them get through their week.  A few messages later and you could have a nice first date by Saturday.

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